The Metals Risk Team is the world’s foremost resource for companies challenged by metals price risk. The team delivers unmatched insight and experience of four recognized metal industry professionals. They create understanding, impart knowledge, build infrastructure, and create the measures and visibility needed for the success of their client’s price risk management practice.

Our clients represent every sector that is involved in the metals industry from physical to financial to regulatory.

The benefits clients have gained from the solutions we provide include:

  • Best Practice Price Risk Management
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  • Successful price risk management must be supported by robust infrastructure constructed to address a business’s unique risks of and meet its goals.
  • Effective Metal Pricing
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  • Businesses that truly understand how metal pricing relates to risk and risk mitigation know why suppliers and customers react to different markets and how to benefit.
  • Greater Control & Enhanced Profitability
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  • Controlling metal price volatility means more stable financial performance that is less dependent on metal price trends and allows the capture of previously passed up market opportunities.
  • Efficient & Explainable Reporting
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  • Efficient reporting clearly conveys the current situation relevant each link of the risk chain. Explainable reporting shows a story of true financial performance, isolating operating results from price volatility.

We’ve served a wide variety of metal related industries including: producers, smelters, refiners, extruders, wire & cable makers, die casters, alloyers, brass mills, rollers, galvanizers, specialty and stainless steel makers, battery makers, carbon steel, consumer goods manufacturers, automotive suppliers, aerospace, recyclers, physical traders, warehousing, exchanges, government entities and regulators, private equity and financial institutions, lawyers, airlines, chemical manufacturers.

Mining Truck
Making metal in factory
Stack of rods or bars
Scrap Yard
Foundry molten metal poured
Production of rolled steel

From our offices in New York, London, and Toronto we serve clients in the metals industry in more than 33 countries across six continents around the globe.

World Map of Countries with offices and clients

The Metals Risk Team - The Specialists in Metals Price Risk Management
The Specialists in Metals Price Risk Management
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